My puppies grow up in our home, along with our other dogs. They are introduced to other people, and animals such as horses, reedier and goats.

When they have had vaccinations, the go to the village, the city, into the car and to a nursing home. This is all for socialization.

Remember that the collie is not an easy dog to handle!
They have a strong character and are very intelligent: they have a mind of its own.
They need a loving, but also consistent education.
They are true shepherd dogs and need both physical and mental challenges.
This of course, not necessarily has to be working with a flog of sheep, but walking and playing is very important!
So the cute puppies become: happy, contented and balanced dogs.

Kyra has become puppies on the 1 of May 2019; 2 sable girls, 1 sable boy and 1 tricolor boy


Ashley 2011

Ashley 2013

Kyra 2017

Meggie 2018