Ashley came as a problem dog, via Marian, in October 2009 with us. 
And soon felt completely at ease here. 
A cheerful and playful dog;
But with her own character and temperament. 
Ashley has course followed at ' Marmyns ', with excellent result


Zwolle 03-10-2009 

  1 Very promising & Best Baby with the following review:

Very appealing puppy, has the most gorgeous expression, well placed stop, lovely eyes, good ear carriage, she has a good length of neck and back and is in very good condition, lovely long tail, moved very well for her age.

Bleiswijk 07-11-2009

Very Promising with the following review:
Tricolor baby, all ready a born showgirl, nice dark eyes, good outline, should have a bright future.

KCM 25-04-2010

Feminine tri bitch with pleasing eye and expression. Moves well, well presented, nice outline, good ears and well used, pleasing overall picture.


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